I love bread but I don't want to be eating 20 slices in 3 days. It shouldn't be so hard to find half-loaves of bread. They should be available more abundantly.

The search is restricted to basic white or brown sandwich bread only. It excludes all fancy, artisanal, and expensive half-loaves from search results.

This website is of course a non-useful, silly little thing. But I hope that it can get people to start thinking about why more stores don't sell half loaves when it seems like a more practical thing to do.

The search is only available in select big cities in India because it uses Dunzo as the data source. No affiliation with Dunzo.

The API used to call Dunzo is open but undocumented. So if someone from Dunzo is reading this, don't be sending take-down notices. This is a very niche and tiny thing and is unlikely to put any strain on your servers.

This website is open-source, does not sell anything, collects no personal data, and has no ads or trackers. Please just let it exist 🙏

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